Wire Erosion

A Wire electrode typically manufactured from brass is used to Wire Erode a pre-programmed open or closed contoured shape using the very latest in EDM CAD CAM software.
If you already have a 2D or 3D file of your product we can transform and manipulate this into a readable format for our Wire Cut machines.

Our Capacity

Maximum work piece height 430 mm (fully submerged)
All our Wire Erosion machines have an automatic wire feed and flexible machining strategies including pocketing to reduce machine idle times, maximise machining capacity and reduce our customers cost.
We use brass wire ranging from 0.100 mm to 0.300 mm in diameter to meet the specification of the component, providing the option to produce the most intricate of shapes.
We can accommodate 4 axis machining for complex shapes with a maximum movement of 70 mm in the U and V axis.
Surface finish of 0.2 Ra can be achieved.